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Just landed October 2021... to celebrate the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United I've released this song about him! It's the first bit of original music I've shared in years.

Rejoice! Running down the wing... Cristiano. Frustration. I'll never be as good at football myself. Tell me your secrets Cristiano... I've got to know now.



I've been busy writing and recording my own original tracks over the past several years as a part-time hobby. Fair to say I'm nervous to release my 'children' out in to the wild but it's finally time to give it a go! Cristiano is the first to fly the nest and will be collected from nursery soon.


I plan to share my own full-length demo album 'Astronaut' in 2022... I can't wait to finally be sharing this with you. Unlike 'Cristiano' it's a more melancholic affair born out of those challenging life experiences. 


Please follow my social media channels now to be the first to hear my new songs. Your support will be genuinely appreciated. 



I'm looking for new local places to gig playing cover songs as well as my original songs. Interested? Contact me today for a quote. Please check out my cover sampler video below for a demo.


Keep an eye on my diary too for gig dates, I'd love to see you there.

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