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Running Down The Wing... Cristiano!

Finally it's here!

This is the first song demo I've released in about eight years, with lots more original songs I want to share with you over the next few months.

Delve in to in my own football playing frustrations which gave birth to this song and celebrate a football legend at the same time. Run free to the wild Ronaldo, but not before you've shown me that again in slow-mo.


This demo was brought to you from my home studio (the mini dining area at the foot of my stairs). Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the setup.

The grand old four hundred year old court cupboard behind me is my favourite antique in the house, fuelling me with the spirit of the elders.

With the room tucked away at the back of the house it's about the only spot I can record away from traffic noise.

There is a wall alcove full of alcohol for when the recording is going badly and an old telephone. Does anyone have Simon Cowell's number?

I've set up the mics to try and record my guitar and voice in one shot. It's tricky to get both right at the same time but hopefully a better way of capturing the soul of the performance.

There's a multi-pattern AKG condenser for the voice and twin Rode cardioid condenser mics to capture the guitar in stereo.

There's also an iPad mount for when I forget my words (which is quite often).

The sound is lined in to a MacBook which is great because it has zero fan noise to ruin the recording.

I often get annoyed at other sounds ruining recordings including but not limited to birds chirping outside.

I've got some nice camera gear thanks to my day job as a photographer/videographer. This camera angle is from a camera in the hallway.

A bit limited on good angles because of the space restrictions.

Thanks for reading!

Are you looking for an acoustic musician for hire in Derbyshire or Cheshire? I like doing gigs outside of my house too so give me a call today!

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