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Pour Me Another Beer... I'm Playing The Birmingham NEC!

Well I can now say I've gigged at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham! Please note I wasn't supporting Bieber on a main stage somewhere... instead I was 'creating atmosphere' at a trade show.

So there's me set up on the corner of 'Craft Beer Street' singing away as a faux busker, not hoping to get recognised but hoping to grow brand recognition. Who would have thought melancholic covers of David Gray could help push ale brands to the shelves of our UK stores?

The brief was a very daunting twelve hours of playing and singing over two days, so the delivery of wall to wall hits did indeed have to be broken up with beer tasting hits to prevent me meeting another kind of wall. Having said all of that no busker has ever enjoyed such consistent conditions. It's impossible to get hypothermia with the air conditioning maintained at an impressively consistent 25.6 degrees Celsius.

A big thank you to the client for choosing me to represent them at such a grand event... it means a lot. Until next time, adios.

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